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Sat, Nov 26, 2022
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Millwood Commons - Rezoning Proposal

The Planning Commission Rezoning hearing for this proposal is not on the agenda for December 9, 2021, 4pm, for 2007SP-037-002 Bell Road/Blue Hole Road SP Amendment & 95P-025-007 Millwood Commons PUD Cancellation.

Here are links to the information from the Virtual meeting that occurred on Feb 8th: February 8, 2021 - you can view that video.
Proposed Bell Road / Blue Hole Road Specific Plan Details

For decades developers have been wanting to build on the property on Blue Hole Road, across the street from Honey Brook, and adjacent to Oak Highlands. Our community, along with former Council Members Sam Coleman and Fabian Bedne, established the Planned Urban Development (PUD) to keep the overall density of the PUD within reasonable limits for the area and ensure the remaining section of the PUD would be limited to 116 single family homes. September 25, 2020, the HOA was notified that yet another builder has new plans. But, these new plans also call for more multi-family homes.

Sutton Properties LLC, presented plans from Lose Designs, via Council Member Rutherford to the HOA on September 25, 2020, which included multi-family townhouses. Below are the original plans presented.

(Original Plan - September 25, 2020)

The HOA advised Council Member Rutherford that Oak Highlands/Deer Valley HOA is extremely opposed to any multi-family development on the lot adjacent to Oak Highlands, and across from Honey Brook. That parcel is zoned for single-family homes. We are confident that Oak Highlands/Deer Valley & Honey Brook will fight to keep it that way.

It was also noted this plan has no green space buffer zone between Oak Highlands and this proposed development.

These are the 2 things absolutely necessary to avoid a legal battle: single family homes & a buffer zone between the new development and Oak Highlands.

November 2, 2020, a revised plan was received, which does not include multi-family homes next to Oak Highlands. But this revised plan is still a higher density than is currently allowed in the PUD zoning and also includes more multi-family dwellings in their plans. The developer noted that they based their density on the Oak Highlands density per acre. See the revised plans and notes below.

Regardless of what is it based on, the PUD was put in place to limit the overall number of residents and vehicles that would ultimately occupy this space.

(Revised Plan - November 2, 2020. *Click on pictures below to view larger images*)

November 12, 2020, we were advised by a community member that they had received a notice in the mail that the developer had filed for a cancellation of a portion of the PUD.

Application Submittal


MPC Agenda Date


Administrative Approval

Case #


Ordinance #

Previous Ordinance #'s


Associated Case #


Associated Bond #


Logan Elliott

Application Name


Application Type

Planned Unit Development (Cancel)

Application Scope

A request to cancel a portion of a Planned Unit Development located at 5439 Blue Hole Road and Bell Road (unnumbered), approximately 560 feet north of W Oak Highland Drive (54.81 acres), zoned R15, R20, and RS7.5, requested by Lose Design, applicant; Richland South, LLC, owner. (See associated case #2007SP-037-002).

Scanned Application

View Scanned Application

Scanned Plans

View Scanned Plan

Property Address / Location

5439 BLUE HOLE RD 37013


Lose Design Josh Gulick 615-242-0040 jgulick@lose.design

Property Owner


31 (John Rutherford)

School Board Member

02 (Rachel Anne Elrod)



The PUD Application form out on the nashville.gov Development Tracker website only has the first three pages of an 8 page document, so it appears to be missing some information.

In addition, the developer also filed SP Project No. 2007SP-037-002, SP Name: Forest View, which is an "Amendment to current SP to allow multi-family dwelling units."

Council Member Rutherford indicated they will host a remote community meeting at some point soon, but it is not set up as of yet. He did state that this developer has been through a number of plans for that sight and went from very dense town-homes to single family homes that roughly matches the density of Oak Highlands. The developer is currently considering remedies for the concerns expressed, so input is critical.

We encourage feedback from the community to let us know your thoughts and concerns so we may have a unified voice. Homeowners are encouraged to:

1. Post your opinions below

2. email Council Member John Rutherford, Council Member Joy Styles and the Planning Commission

Give Public Comment **The Planning Commission Rezoning hearing is not on agenda for December 9, 2021**

The public can send comments to the Planning Commission for the items on an agenda in a variety of ways:

  1. Email your comments by 3:00 p.m. the Tuesday before the meeting to the Planning Commissioners Inbox.
  2. Call-in Live directly to the meeting. Please note that this phone number is only in service during the meeting, beginning at 4:00 p.m.
    1. Tune into the meeting (instructions above).
    2. Wait for the Chair to announce when your item is ready for live call in.
    3. Dial 629-255-1901 and wait for operator assistance.
    4. You will be asked if you are calling for the current case on hearing.
    5. Mute your TV or live stream when it is your turn to speak.
    6. If you send materials for display during your comment, there will be a delay on the live broadcast or stream. However, the Planning Commissioners will be able to see your materials in real time as you speak.
    7. Once your testimony begins, you state your name, address, and whether you are for or against the case.
    8. During your testimony, you will receive a 30-second warning.

Please note: In an effort to promote social distancing, no remote location will be available for the Planning Commission meeting.

If you wish, you may customize the form letter below, then copy & paste an email to:
planning.commissioners@nashville.gov, John.Rutherford@nashville.gov, Joy.Styles@nashville.gov

Dear Planning Commission,

I am emailing you regarding Planning Commission Case#95P-025-007 & Case#2007SP-037-002.

I am in apposition to these changes in the existing PUD for the following reasons:
1) The the developer filed SP Project No. 2007SP-037-002 an "Amendment to current SP to allow multi-family dwelling units." We are extremely opposed to any more multi-family homes in this area. There is already an extremely large number of multi-family homes on Bell Road. The PUD was put into place to ensure there would at least be some limits placed on the total number of multi-family units that could be built in this area.
2) There is already a flooding problem when there are heavy rains. The new proposal does not address this issue but will likely make it worse.
3) Under the existing PUD there was a previous agreement that there would be a 100FT green buffer with trees between our properties. The new developer is proposing 30FT green area in a flood prone area.
3) Under the existing PUD the previous agreement was to limit the development to 116 single family homes. The new plan will increase that to 222 houses, a 91% increase.
4) Blasting is a huge concern. All this area is limestone outcropping rock formation. The blasting area will be very close to our brick homes. The chance of damage will be great. We ask that the developer be required to study the impact of blasting and require compensation for damages to nearby homes and personal property.
5) This plan includes a connector street that would cut through from Bell Road to Blue Hole Road across from Honey Brook. The location of the through street poses a serious safety concern, especially with the recent increases of traffic from all the other new developments in the area. The additional traffic will further strain this narrow, two-lane, curvy country road, with reported erosion issues, that provides access to several neighborhoods, a Metro school and new Metro park.
6) This requested cancellation and zoning change is not just about a "single piece" of property. It is about an entire Planned Urban Development that was put in place to preserve and protect this area from over-crowding, flooding and traffic. If the Metro Planning Commission recommended and votes to cancel the PUD that was previously approved by the Commission, it will cause the community to loose faith in the Planning Commission and the tools and processes that it claims were put in place for the benefit of its residents. We rely on Metro Government for responsible management and moderation of development. Now is not the time to sacrifice that faith and trust.

For all of these reasons, I am requesting that you not approve these changes.

Thank you,

Thank you to everyone that send emails and made phone calls in opposition to the rezoning request on Blue Hole Road.


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Members Opinions:
January 07, 2021 at 1:16pm
I essentially used the form-text in email to the council members and planning commission on 1/5/21. Here is the return email I received from Mr.Rutherford the same day:

Mr. Sy,

There are ongoing discussions between the developers and the Oak Highland/Deer Valley HOA, and a long history of protecting this property and the interests of the community. With that history, which significantly predates my time on Council, I will not support anything against the will of the HOA. I suggest you engage with the HOA if you have not already done so, to be part of that conversation.

Thanks for reaching out.

Stay safe!

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